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Cusco or Cosqo, is located in the Peruvian Andes, 3,200 meters above sea level. It is the historical capital of the country, in addition to being recognized as world heritage site by UNESCO.

The name Cosqo translates as the Navel of the World, because it is a vast network of roads that effectively linked all of South America, from southern Colombia to northern Argentina.

At first glance, Cusco has a Spanish colony look, the perimeter of the Plaza de Armas has colonial arches and balconies on the second floors, but the bases of the structures are the remnant stone constructions of the extraordinary Inca culture.

Cusco was built by the Inka Pachacutec and is designed under the image of the Puma, where “La Otra Casa Real Del Sol” or “Saqsaywaman” represents the head.

The imperial city is like a Villa, one can visit Cusco on foot, entering the city you will discover various temples or tourist spots such as Koricancha, La Catedral and La Piedra de 12 Ángulos as well as its various Squares such as San Blas, Kusipata, and other places like the San Pedro Market. It has fascinating hotels and accommodations, as well as a diverse gastronomy that masterfully combines the products of the Andes, reflected in its many restaurants and cafes.


GFNY Peru begins in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, which was built by the Inca Pachacutec and ends a few steps from the Saqsaywaman Fortress, where festivities, post-race food and the award ceremony will take place.

GFNY Peru presents 2 options. The long course and a medium course. A highly fun route for cycling, with climbs, descents, curves and flats, where your training, will and strategy will make the difference to place you on the podium.

Both routes cross La Otra Casa Real Del Sol, Puka Pukara and El Valle Sagrado de los Incas, various archaeological centers and combination of landscapes that will delight you while riding the bicycle.


LONG COURSE IS A COMPETITION: Only the finishers of the long course are eligible for category rankings and Overall and Podium awards. If you want to race and be ranked in your category, you must complete the long course. Top 10% of finishers in each age group qualify for the Racer Corral at every GFNY World event.


MEDIUM COURSE IS NOT A COMPETITION: The riders of the medium course will be provided their start-to-finish time, but will not be ranked by finish time. All finish times will be listed in alphabetical order.

Perks included as part of GFNY Peru

THE JERSEY: All riders receive the official GFNY Peru jersey, which is mandatory attire at the race. The jersey is designed in NYC and Made in Italy.

CHIP TIMING: GFNY Peru is a timed race. Each athlete has their own timing chip, which starts just after crossing the starting line and stops when it crosses the finish line. Time results for all runners will be provided in the finish area on race day and online after the race.

FINISHER MEDAL: Every GFNY Peru finisher receives a medal, no matter which distance they completed. All finishers also earn a “Finish” towards their 3x2020 GFNY medal or the 10x medal. Go to for more information on GFNY’s multi-finisher medals.


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