Schedule of Events

Important travel dates

Friday 01

Saturday 02
Sunday 03
Monday 04
Tuesday 05
Wednesday 06
Thursday 07

Recommended arrival date to Cusco

Friday 08

Latest recommended arrival to Cusco

Saturday 09


*Your flight must land by 1pm

Sunday 10

Race day

Monday 11

Earliest recommended departure

* Your flight must land by 1pm or you will not make it to the expo in time and risk not being able to pick up your race packet. You cannot take part in the race without your race materials. If your flight arrives after 1pm on Saturday, you have to change your flight.



1 PM - 5 PM

  • Registration and Expo

5 PM

  • Opening Dance at Plaza de Armas 

8 PM

  • Facebook LIVE explanation of the route


6:30 AM - 7:30 AM

  • Registration at Plaza de Armas

7:30 AM

  • Opening of Start Area

8 AM

  • Start of GFNY Peru 


  • First rider of medium route expected 

11:40 AM

  • Winner of GFNY Peru expected 

4 PM 

  • Course closes